North Cariboo Seniors Council

Programs & Services


Outdoor Spaces and Buildings:​

Ongoing efforts to identify areas in the community where improvement is needed, specifically: walkability, number of accessible washrooms, crosswalk safety, snow removal, and sidewalk maintenance.

The Council will take inventory of complaints/concerns and direct them to the attention of the appropriate City staff.

​Fraud and Scams:​

The council will aim to share tips and information on ways that seniors and their families can save themselves from fraud and scams.


An urgent need in the Community is transportation to and from medical appointments, both within Quesnel and out of town, such as Williams Lake and Prince George.

Taxi costs here in Quesnel are among the highest in the Province.

The Better at Home program in Quesnel has a small contingent of drivers deliver clients to appointments in Quesnel and to Prince George and back.

We will be working on ways to secure funding for programs to support this gap in local services.


The City has secured funds through a UBCM grant to enable them to inventory all available housing options for seniors in the greater Quesnel area.

We will use this inventory to identify gaps in housing needs, create a place for the inventory to be kept current and accessible.

With access to this information, the Council will then be able to assist seniors who need to transition from their current housing to something more appropriate, in terms of location, mobility, size, and cost.

Food & Health​


One focus for the Council is food security; there are a number of ways this can be addressed. Meals services to complement Meals on Wheels, access to excess food grown by local gardeners, classes for seniors to learn quick, easy, and nutritious food prep. Please contact us if you or someone you know are in need.


The Council will work to attain funding in order to purchase Arts and Recreation Center passes for local seniors. This would allow them to attend regular fitness activities, such as Choose to Move.​


The Council will seek ways to ensure that seniors in the area can stay connected to family, friends and community members in both physical events and workshops designed to connect seniors via the internet and social media.

The Council will create volunteer programs to call and check in on seniors in the area.

Connectivity Lessons:

The Council will help facilitate workshops where seniors can attend to learn how to utilize different technology to stay connected through internet and social media outlets.


​The Council will work to create several ways in which members of the community can volunteer their time to assist local seniors with supports and services.

​Respect and Social Inclusion

​The Council will engage with local events, groups and businesses to encourage and facilitate ways that the community at large can support all seniors respectfully and with inclusiveness.

​Social Activities:

​The Council has plans to support seniors' attendance at a number of events throughout the year.

If possible, we will arrange for an outing or event during each of the winter months.



Spirit Centre
246 St Laurent Ave
Quesnel BC, V2J 2C9