North Cariboo Seniors Council

Welcome to the North Cariboo Seniors' Council

Providing an information hub for seniors in our community through collaboration with seniors, community members and organizations.

Advocating for seniors and maintaining a liaison with municipal and federal governments on issues of concern to seniors.

HUGE THANK-YOU to the City of Quesnel and Councilor Mitch Vik for $100,000 Covid-19 relief funding announced at the Jan 19/21 council meeting!  We look forward to putting this core funding to good use over the coming three years, to leverage permanent funding and increase our reach and impact in the community.  

Would you like to join our council?  Please complete a membership form and drop it off at the office - 246 St Laurent Ave.

NEWSLETTER - WINTER 2022, Volume 7.pdf

NEWSLETTER-SUMMER 2022 Volume 6, Issue 1

NEWSLETTER- APRIL 1ST, 2022 Volume 5, Issue 1

NEWSLETTER- NOVEMBER 1st, 2021 Volume 4, Issue 1

NEWSLETTER- June 1st, 2021 Volume 3, Issue 1

NEWSLETTER - March 1 2021 Volume 2, Issue 1

NEWSLETTER - October 30 2020 Volume 1, Issue 1


Please click on the image below to read the Senior Housing                                 
 Assessment - 2021                                                                                                         

For information on services in Quesnel and area please click HERE.

 Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect and enhance the safety, quality of life, livability and sustainability of our Senior Citizen community.  We will strive to benefit the seniors' community by using the opportunities available to us.

We will be successful in serving the needs of our Seniors’ community through:

  • Visionary Leadership                                                                                          
  • Strong Community Partnerships                                                                       
  • Safety and Service      Buy adderall                                                                                          
  • Sound Financial Management         





Spirit Centre
102 - 246 St Laurent Ave
Quesnel BC, V2J 2C9